Alice in Wonderland Workshop and Auditions

Alice in Wonderland Jr

As it stands it’s STILL all systems go for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR to be performed by the Karnon Kidz on Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th July 2022.

As you can imagine with having to postpone this production twice, we are very much aware a lot has changed in that time. We have had an amazing response from our appeal asking those of you who were involved originally whether they were still interested in joining us for this fabulous show which is great. Bearing this in mind the Director Samantha Rogers and her team are excited to inform you that they will be holding a workshop/audition on Sunday 27th February 2 – 5pm at the Perranwell Centre for anyone aged between 7 & 18 years. We are looking forward to seeing you all again and finally getting this production on the road. If you have any friends or relatives that would like to join us then please do bring them along as we are aware that some of you couldn’t join us last time due to our age restrictions, but are now old enough to join us.

If you have any queries or are unable to attend but would like to take part then please do let us know by emailing:

Twelfth Night Auditions

’Some are born great; some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them’ by attending our

Twelfth Night Launch / Audition

Everyone is welcome for a practical afternoon exploring Shakespeare’s comedy of love, folly and mistaken identity. A play that mixes partying with a darker side of humiliation and madness. A dangerous world, where falling in love can be complicated. ‘I’ll sacrifice the lamb that I do love’.
Launch and Auditions will be on 5th December, 2-5pm at The Perranwell Centre.
We will be performing at the Minack Monday 23rd May to Thursday 26th May 2022. (Get in Sat 21st and tech, dress rehearsal Sunday 22nd May)

CDDG takes it’s COVID responsibilities very seriously. For us to ensure adequate ventilation, the hall may not be as warm as usual. We would advise you come adequately clothed.

One Act Play Auditions!!


We are thrilled to announce that after such a long break, due to the pandemic, we will be holding auditions for two one act plays on Sunday 18th July.

You are invited to audition for Two Point Oh! by Jeff Dunne and also Pop Goes the Patient by Leonard Barnett.

Two Point Oh! was the winner of the Carnon Downs Drama 50th Anniversary One Act Play competition, which ended up being judged through the pandemic. Pop Goes the Patient was CDDG’s first ever production, and was a play we had hoped to perform as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2020.

For more information about the auditions and to book your audition slot please contact

One Act Play auditions
One Act Play auditions

Carnon Downs Drama AGM 2021

We will be holding the CDDG AGM at The Barn, Gwennap Pit, on Sunday 11 July at 2.30pm.

Below are links to the Agenda; Minutes of the last AGM; the examined Accounts for the year; Nomination Papers for the Committee and Membership forms.
Please note membership subscription is due before you can vote at the AGM.
If you have AOB please submit it to the secretary before 26 June. All the officers and members of the committee are willing to stand again but if you would like to be on the committee, nominations need to be in by 26 June.
We hope to see many of you at The Barn
Chris Breach

One Act Play – We Have a Winner!

One Act Play Competition

We have a winner! When 294 became 1!

It’s taken 9 months, 3 lockdowns for firstly the CDDG panel to arrive at a shortlist of 14 and then secondly for the judges (Kirsty Cotton, Talent Development Programme Manager at Hall For Cornwall, Libby Shaw, Manager at Waterstones Truro and Local Author Liz Fenwick, latest book ’The Path to the Sea’ 2019) to choose a winner.


’Two Point OH’ by Jeff Dunne, Maryland USA.

In a very difficult and tight decision the judges picked 3 further plays to be joint runners up. So in no particular order:


’The Notice’ by Lucy Charleston,Truro Cornwall.

’The Incident at Wembley Stadium’ by Lucas Kingman, Falmouth Cornwall.

’Seven Small Deaths’ by Emily Hageman. Iowa USA.

To see just how hard a decision it was, each of these plays are here to download for you to read yourself: 

One Act Play Shortlist Announced

One act play shortlist

It was in February this year that, thanks to John Frankland, we launched this competition, but little did we know how big and global an entry it would draw! – 294!!!

It has been a mammoth task reading all the entries but we can now publish the Shortlist of 14.


‘Offsteady’ by Darrel Draper

‘BIO’ by Fergal O’Byrne

‘Revelation 18.8’ by Rhys Clarke

‘The Incident at Wembley Stadium’ by Louis Kingman

‘Lobsters’ by Seb Flatau

‘Burnout’ by Maisy Beth Crunden

‘Flat Earth’ by Stephen Doran

‘Two Point OH’ by Jeff Dunne

‘This is Just This’ by Barbara Lindsay

‘Byron’s Voice’ by J J Steinfeld

‘Touch the Moon’ by Arianna Rose

‘Seven Small Deaths’ by Emily Hageman

‘The Notice’ by Lucy Charleston

‘Greatest Britain’ by Harry Cowper

N.B. List is in order plays were submitted (earliest first).

Total number of submissions 294.

We thank all the writers who entered. The shortlisted plays will now be judged by a panel of experts and as soon as we have their decision we will publish the result.

One Act Play Competition Draws to a Close

One Act Play Competition

As part of our 50th Anniversary year we launched a One Act Play competition to find a new play to be performed alongside a rehearsed reading of our very first production ‘Pop Goes the Patient’. The closing date for entries was midnight on Friday 5th June.  Shortly before that deadline we received our 294th submission.

The competition has been amazingly successful with entries from all over the world, several from America, as well as Russia and Canada. We have also received entries from Cornwall and across the UK including one from New Zealand from a writer having to see out the pandemic there whose home is Falmouth.

Entries have come from established professional writers as well as amateurs and for some it is their first attempt at writing a play. Several entries have made the point of how much they appreciated the opportunity in these uncertain times.

The judging team from CDDG will now be completing their reading and assessing all 294 submissions with a view to selecting 14 finalists from whom our winner will be chosen by a panel made up of Managers at Waterstones, Truro, a local author and myself.

In the light of the number of entrants I expect the judging process to be completed in July 2020. At that time we will, in the light of where we are with Covid 19, be making further announcements about production plans.

Sisterly Feelings Goes Virtual

Sisterly Feelings

Sisterly Feelings Monday May 18th Opening night transferred from Minack to Zoom.

I was very pleased with the way our virtual reading went and super proud of everyone who took part with special thanks to Zoe and Ethan the backstage team.

I think we have learned a lot. Virtual backgrounds and how to control them. Entrances and Exits how to make them look smooth. The use of co-hosts to support if there is a technical problem with audience or cast. It enabled us very smoothly to readmit those who lost connection.

All in all a very worthwhile event and a good celebration of what would have been a perfect opening night at a sunny Minack.

I have added to this some thought and comments from cast and audience.


If you’d asked me three months ago what I would be doing on the evening of May 18th I’d have been confident of the answer – carefully eyeing the skies and praying for decent weather for the opening night of Sisterly Feelings at the Minack.

In my wildest fantasies I would never have contemplated performing my part in the solitude of my own bedroom, aided and abetted by a virtual cast and before a virtual audience. Yet owing to a bizarre combination of a global pandemic and the wonders of modern technology that is exactly
what transpired (and we must not forget dear Johnny whose mad idea this was!).

The fact that this was pulled off so successfully owes much to the Zoom software, which I’d never heard of before April. So this was a steep learning curve for me, with knowledge being acquired both before and during the performance! My bête noire was the Virtual Background – I could only make this work by pointing the laptop camera at the white ceiling and looking down into said camera to deliver lines (even this failed when the natural light faded at around 8.30, and once again I became a ghostly apparition).

Entrances and exits were an interesting challenge, particularly in the cross-country race scene, where I would have been (and hopefully will be in 2021) haring around the stage in all directions. I’m convinced I felt more exhausted after Monday than I would have at Porthcurno. Props were, to quote Jeeves from another show, ‘mostly imagined or representational’. This involved my daughter Cathy launching sandwiches on to my picnic plate from behind my laptop (blink and you missed it), as well as clipboards, stopwatches etc. Sadly our long-suffering audience were deprived Constable Murphy ‘handing’ me a loud hailer – that scene fell victim to the random choices in the script.

Thanks to all of our wonderful cast for throwing themselves into this venture, especially Chris and Nick who replaced original cast members at short notice. The backstage team were as active as they would have been in a live show – I think we have Ethan and Zoe to thank for this – and we must not forget John’s boundless enthusiasm in putting the whole thing together. We also thank the Zoom audience (14, I believe – I’ve played to fewer in real life) for getting into the spirit of the project and for their kind feedback after the show.

We fervently hope that in twelve months these strange times will be behind us and that we will be celebrating a more conventional success story on a real stage. Nonetheless, this unique performance will be a delightful memory when I sit back and recall the special moments I have been privileged to enjoy with CDDG.



Please give my congratulations to all involved in “Sisterly Feelings”. It’s not a play that I am familiar with, but it kept my attention throughout. I thought it was amazing to get the reactions between characters when they were not even in the same room!



It was a rather strange occasion, we should have been at the Minack, but … we know the rest. It was the first time we had tried to do anything like that and I think we learnt a lot from the exercise, especially about lighting and virtual backgrounds.



When you are next in touch with cast and crew of Sisterly Feelings, please tell them that I thought they did a stirling job on Monday.



That was a lot of fun. Thank you everyone…its so lovely to keep in touch.



New experience. Prefer reality but good to see everyone.



Really enjoyed that John, so glad I joined can’t wait for the real deal.



I thought everyone did really well considering the limitations and difficulties of using technology for a live theatre event. Characters emerged and the story was clear from the start. You could tell it was going to be a great show at the Minack for all.



Great performances from all the cast and very cleverly adapted to zoom- it didn’t feel like just another zoom catchup but felt like an ‘event’ with the use of tech, excellent work by all! Looking forward to seeing it at the Minack next year!


One Act Play Competition

One Act Play Competition

As part of our 50th celebration we are launching a competition to find a new one act play to be performed 1st to 3rd Oct and 10th Oct. The competition is open to all; both members and non-members.

Apart from the special reward of seeing your work performed there will also be a cash prize of £100 plus a script consultation with Victoria Ferguson to the winning playwright. Closing date for submissions Friday June 5th 2020 (Terms and conditions apply) As long as it has never been performed before it will qualify. All welcome from 16 years to 100 plus.

One Act Play Competition

The winner will receive £100 cash and a script consultation with Victoria Ferguson to help develop their script and discuss careers in scriptwriting.

Victoria is a writer and script editor, and was the coordinator for the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Competition. She collaborates with emerging and established writers to develop their scripts for the stage and screen, and is currently working with production companies including Drama Republic (Doctor Foster), New Pictures (COBRA) and 42 M&P (Military Wives) to find projects to develop for film and TV.

So, let the creative juices flow.

Please email your entries to 

Punch and Judy Casting

Punch and Judy

Most of us at sometime have seen a Punch & Judy show on a beach or a pier. The main characters, as glove puppets, are well known: Punch, with humped back, squeaky voice, red and yellow costume, enormous hooked nose and chin; Judy, with similar features, a nagging hag; and all the others including Scaramouch, Constable and the Hangman.

If you took the story literally it would be a tale of child abuse and callous serial murder, but when presented as puppets the violence becomes just comic.

So, here’s the idea, take a puppet show and present it large as life with the stock characters played by real actors in the guise of costumed puppets retaining all their essential characteristics.

A live performance full of murder and mayhem and delivered as fun for all the family. Even Dickens approved of it as harmless street entertainment as the violence was so fantastical it could not be taken seriously. No blood is involved, but in our production, there will be a lot of slap-sticks, lightweight, painless, but noisy. And we’ll need some live music too.

The show calls for cast of 3 as a minimum, perhaps up to 5. There are never more than 2 characters on stage at once. Punch is there throughout, and the rest of the cast share the other characters. Assisted quick changes are required and as most of the cast wear whole- or part-masks then gender becomes unimportant. Punch could be played by an actress, Judy by a man. There will be individual amplification, but you still have to project.

Performances will be outdoors, we have bookings so far at Gwennap fete on 23rd June, Ponsanooth fete on 30th June and Trebah amphitheatre on 18th August with 2 or 3 performances at each. We are looking to fill the gap with a few others. The Perranwell Village open cricket match is a possibility – we were there last year in panto costumes.

We will be using an original script, now out of copyright, which has been edited; the running time is about 20 minutes … ish.

Rehearsals will start very shortly and take place on the actual transportable stage in the director’s garden in Perranarworthal, weather permitting of course.

… and, no, you won’t have to swallow a swozzle.

This show is to be directed by Mark Breach.