Labour of Love – Launch and Auditions

The October play (5th to 7th October) will be

Labour of Love by James Graham

This is a relatively new play professionally performed in 2017 with Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig.

James Graham is a highly successful modern playwright ’This House’ performed at the National Theatre. He currently has his latest play ‘This England’ running now at the National Theatre. He also wrote the highly rated drama series ’Sherwood’

Labour of Love is a political comedy set in the party’s traditional northern heartlands. Its particular challenge is that it explores the clash of philosophy, culture and class against the backdrop of the Labour Party over 25 years from Kinnock, through Blair to Corbyn. That sounds quite sombre but it is a really sharp comedy with parts that verge on farce.

Labour MP David Lyons cares about modernisation and electability, his constituency agent, Jean Whittaker, cares about principles and her community but, what are their real feelings for each other?

So up is down, left is right, right is wrong, behold the new politics.



David Lyons (a Labour MP)

Jean Whittaker (a constituency agent)

Elizabeth Lyons (David’s wife)

Len Prior (a local councillor and party worker)

Margot Midler (a constituent and party worker)

Mr Shen (a Chinese businessman investor)


Also, a group of constituents, party workers, delivery boy, takeaway owner, vitally important to the transition from one period to another.

There are a group of unique challenges for this production. It spans a period of over 25 years, early 1990’s to 2017 or, put another way from 1970’s bulky computers and fax machine to iphones. 

If anyone has or has any ideas for where we can find old computers and a fax machine please let me know.

The Launch/ auditions will be on Sunday 23rd July 2.00 to 5.00


The Perranwell Centre.

Auditions will be open to all. Please can everyone share this information far and wide so we can bring new and existing members to this production, especially, can we share the role of Mr Shen, who needs to be of Asian background (age is not specific 18 to 60)

As the play spans 25 years, age for all the parts is not specific.

So, whatever your political affiliation, red, blue, green, independent or, none at all, please join us in staging what will be an amateur drama FIRST and only the SECOND production ever of this brilliant comedy.

Any queries please contact Director, John Frankland or Tel:  07974 799774