Charles Dickens’ “The Chimes” Launch and Auditions

CDDG would like to welcome you all to our launch and auditions of our productions of Charles Dickens’ “The Chimes”.

The Launch will be held at The Perranwell Centre on Friday 7th June at 7:00pm.

Auditions will be held at The Perranwell Centre on Sunday 9th June at 5:30pm and Thursday 13th June at 7:30pm.

This production will be performed at The Perranwell Centre on the 3rd to 5th October 2024. Those currently in Matilda or Labour of Love will not be called for rehearsals until those shows are complete.


After A Christmas Carol, The Chimes is the second of Dickens’ Christmas Books. Set on New Year’s Eve it tells the story of Toby Veck a humble porter who makes a meagre living, waiting for jobs as he sits on the church steps; inspired by the church bells to hope for better times.

This is Dickens at his most uncompromising. Ever the social reformer, he presents stark differences between the hard, the uncaring and the ignorant well-off, with the down-trodden poor who take pleasure in simple comforts and companionship, to live as well as they may. Although this is a dark tale it does conclude with a surprising and uplifting happy ending.

Ultimately it is a tale of the triumph of hope over adversity, and being Dickens, there are ghosts and goblins who are very much part of the story.