Dr Faustus Launch and Auditions

CDDG would like to welcome you all to our launch and auditions of our productions of Dr Faustus.

Auditions will be held at The Perranwell Centre on Saturday 13th January from 9:30am until 2:30pm. If necessary further auditions can be held Sunday 4th Feb 2pm to 5pm.
This production will be performed at The Minack on the 19th to 22nd May 2024. We will be beginning rehearsals on Sunday 11th February.
We would be happy to welcome children 14 or over to the launch, but that they and parents need to consider the timing of the show (week before half term so permission would have to be obtained from school) and also the increased commitment of either driving daily to The Minack or finding accommodation/ camping as a family nearby.
Welcome to Hell!
Here is Doctor Faustus the scholar who sold his soul to the Devil. In this new adaption the third and fourth acts of Christopher Marlowe’s Elizabethan classic are re-written by Colin Teevan, updating the satire and placing Faustus in a modern world of avarice and celebrity. Faustus isn’t the only one selling his soul, bankers and media moguls all sign on the dotted line.
This new version was performed at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London in April 2016. This production at the Minack will be it’s amateur premiere produced by the same team that brought a vibrant ‘Twelfth Night’ to life in 2022.
Directed by John Frankland with original music by Ben Sutcliffe and puppetry created by Jennie Rawling. It promises a mix of tragedy and terror with comedy and magic, a wild ride through life peopled with devils, a Swat team and even the Pope and Marilyn Monroe make an appearance.
Doctor Faustus is a story that has been running since humanity came into existence. Enjoy the magical in the magical setting of a real cliff edge.
‘The stars move still; time runs; the clock will strike;
The devil will come; and Faustus must be damned.’