Wizard of Oz Launch and Auditions

Pin back your ears and spread the word that Sam, Elaine, Jason and the usual team are back in action. Here are the details you have been waiting for.

Sunday 19th February Launch Day 2pm – 4pm at The Perranwell Centre.

Come along for a fun filled afternoon to find out all about the show and get to meet everyone involved. We will be reading some of the script, singing some of the songs with Jason as well as learning some of the dances with Sam. Of course we’ll also be doing lots crazy team games so that by the end of the session you’ll definitely want to “…follow the yellow brick road”!

Sunday 26th February – Auditions! 2pm – 5pm at The Perranwell Centre

We will make this an enjoyable and fun experience and it will give you the chance to tell us what parts you would like to audition for. Don’t be shy just show us what you can do so that you will be ready to shine on the stage as brilliant as Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please email Sam Rogers the Director, via the following email address: tinkerbellstar870@hotmail.com

We look forward to seeing you all “somewhere over the rainbow”!

Wizard of OZ- Character List:

Dorothy Gale: strong singer, good dancer and large speaking role. American Accent

Aunt Em: singer and speaking role. American Accent

Uncle Henry: small speaking role. American Accent

Hunk (Scarecrow): Comedy singing, dancing and speaking role. American Accent

Zeke (Lion): Comedy singing, dancing and speaking role. American Accent

Hickory (Tin Man): Comedy singing, dancing and speaking role. American Accent

Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch of the West): Dramatic speaking role. Evil laugh required. American Accent

Toto: limited singing and barking role

Professor Marvel (Wizard of OZ): Strong actor and large speaking role. American Accent

Doorman: speaking role

Guard: speaking role

Glinda: delicate singer and actor

Nikko: small speaking role. “Eee-Eee-Eee”

Munchkins: small singing and speaking characters available

Ensemble: Munchkins, Jitterbugs, Winged Monkeys/Winkie Guards, Ozians, Crows, Apple Trees

Audition Pieces:

Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, Dorothy- Pages 4-5

Wizard of OZ & Dorothy- pages 43-44 / pages 6-7

Toto, Glinda & Dorothy- pages 10-11

Glinda, Dorothy & Wicked Witch- pages 16-17

Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man & Dorothy- pages 30-33