Dr Faustus


Dr Faustus
by Christopher Marlowe and Colin Teevan

Welcome to Hell!

Here is Doctor Faustus the scholar who sold his soul to the Devil. In this new adaption the third and fourth acts of Christopher Marlowe’s Elizabethan classic are re-written by Colin Teevan, updating the satire and placing Faustus in a modern world of avarice and celebrity. Faustus isn’t the only one selling his soul, bankers and media moguls all sign on the dotted line.

This new version was performed at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London in April 2016. This production at the MInack will be it’s amateur premiere produced by the same team that brought a vibrant ‘Twelfth Night’ to life in 2022.


19th – 22nd May 2024
The Minack, Porthcurno, Cornwall, TR19 6JU



Dr Faustus Will Husbands
Mephistopheles Jamie Simpson
Wagner Charlotte Padmore
Lucifer Guy Hanson
Good Angel & Lechery Pam Furnish
Evil Angel Tracey Holmes
Choir, Clown, Pope, Duke Simon Bennett
Choir, Clown, Pride, SWAT Team Bronwen Benham
Cornelius, Clown, Wrath, Saxon Bruno, SWAT Team Adam Bowkett
Clown, Sloth, Media Mogul, SWAT Team Henry Bowkett
Valdes, Clown, Banker, Abraham Lincoln Peter French
Choir, Clown, Gluttony, Marilyn Monroe Abi Holmes
Clown, Puppet Book, The President, SWAT Team Leader Lucas Jorey
Choir, Clown, Puppet Book, Covetousness, Minister, SWAT Team Chloe Nichols
Choir, Clown, Duchess Tessa Skola
Choir, Clown, Puppet Book, Envy, Robyn, SWAT Team, Helen Zoe Weale