One Act Play Shortlist Announced

It was in February this year that, thanks to John Frankland, we launched this competition, but little did we know how big and global an entry it would draw! – 294!!!

It has been a mammoth task reading all the entries but we can now publish the Shortlist of 14.


‘Offsteady’ by Darrel Draper

‘BIO’ by Fergal O’Byrne

‘Revelation 18.8’ by Rhys Clarke

‘The Incident at Wembley Stadium’ by Louis Kingman

‘Lobsters’ by Seb Flatau

‘Burnout’ by Maisy Beth Crunden

‘Flat Earth’ by Stephen Doran

‘Two Point OH’ by Jeff Dunne

‘This is Just This’ by Barbara Lindsay

‘Byron’s Voice’ by J J Steinfeld

‘Touch the Moon’ by Arianna Rose

‘Seven Small Deaths’ by Emily Hageman

‘The Notice’ by Lucy Charleston

‘Greatest Britain’ by Harry Cowper

N.B. List is in order plays were submitted (earliest first).

Total number of submissions 294.

We thank all the writers who entered. The shortlisted plays will now be judged by a panel of experts and as soon as we have their decision we will publish the result.