Jack the Giant Killer

Jack the Giant Killer

by David Ivall

February 2012

Perranwell in the Dark Ages…
The Dark Ages were that period of history that fell between the Romans and the Normans (the bit they always missed out at school), when the Kings of Cornwall lived in Perranwell. That is why the pub is called the Royal Oak, of course, and the royal palace was about where the post office is now.

If your reaction is to say at once ‘Oh, no, it wasn’t’, there will be a rousing chorus of ‘Oh, yes, it was!’, because we are in the world of this year’s village pantomime. Jack the Giant Killer is based on the old Cornish legend of the brave lad who slew Giant Cormoran and Giant Blunderbore. In our version there is rather less slaying and rather more interest in the fate of the village pasty shop, driven into bankruptcy under the old-fashioned Mrs Goongumpus and revived by the progressive Perran and Worthal.

We’ll give to you a thrilling glimpse
Of piskies, giants and naughty imps.
We’ll teach you how to make a pasty
And how to deal with villains nasty.

Jack the Giant Killer has been written by David Ivall, who has been associated with Perranwell for over thirty years. We hope everyone in the village and surrounding area will come along to discover more about its (slightly fictionalised) history. Just think; this could be your only chance to attend a theatrical world première!