An Enemy of the People

An Enemy Of The People

Adapted from Henrik Ibsen by Arthur Miller
Directed by John Frankland

28 – 31 October 2015

The resort in which the play is set is preparing for a boom time financially due to the successful marketing of its natural waters that feed the spa to which tourists will flock.

The local doctor discovers that the waters are dangerously contaminated and plans to announce his findings. This sets him and his family on a collision course with his brother the local Mayor. His idealism is set against the practical realities of the cost to the town, which lead to him being denounced as an, ‘enemy of the people’.

“A complex dramatization of issues surrounding pollution, personal responsibility in public office, media and political imperatives and loyalty to the state.” Financial Times

Hugely relevant to today’s issues of morality in the press and in Parliament. Can we afford to be idealistic?