Perranwell Boys 1914


Perranwell Boys 1914

15-18 October 2014
Perran-ar-worthal Village Hall

Perranwell Boys
Perranwell Boys

Perranwell Boys 1914 was an original play written by Carnon Downs Drama Group Member, David Ivall.

The play set mainly in the trenches of France, followed the fortunes of a section of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry through the autumn of 1914.

Bevis Trinick, a young gentleman, and Alfred Dingle, a labouring lad, both join the regiment and end up in the same unit on the Western Front, Bevis as a lieutenant, Alfred as a private. The play follows their journey from Perranwell village,  to the trenches, a field hospital and a French cafe.

Although, with such a theme, no one could expect a happy ending, there was plenty of humour and songs of the period along the way.

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