The Deep Blue Sea


THe Deep Blue Sea By Terence Rattigan

17-19 October 2013

The “Deep Blue Sea” is set in Sept 1951 in a Britain that is still feeling the effects of the 2nd World War. It shows a profound understanding of the complexities of love in a set of characters realistically portrayed with unspoken feelings, buried emotions and hidden truths that fuel the comedy and drama.

The action begins with the discovery by her neighbours of Hester Collyer who has tried and failed to commit suicide. Sometime before, she left her husband, a respectable High Court Judge who is baffled by her rejection, for a semi-alcoholic ex R.A.F. pilot who hasn’t found a replacement for the thrill of the Battle of Britain and can’t match Hester’s sexual and emotional needs.

Her despair is recognised and understood by Mr Miller a refugee from Germany, interned and then struck off from medical practice following a notorious scandal. The aftershocks of her attempted suicide unravel throughout the play.

Widely regarded as Rattigan’s best play it is a complete exploration of his obsessive theme, the inequality of passion.

This amateur production of “The Deep Blue Sea” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Ltd.

The production was reviewed by both the Cornwall Drama Association (CDA) and NODA; click on the link below to read their respective reviews.

NODA review of Deep Blue Sea

CDA review of Deep Blue Sea


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