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July 2015- Abridged versionthe prompt

From the Chair

Writing on a very wet Sunday Morning, it seems a bit odd to be wishing you all a happy summer, but that's the Cornish weather for you!
The committee don't meet in August, as we take a well deserved break, so there is no Prompt either, but keep an eye out for interesting titbits coming up.

We have had a busy July with “An Enemy of the People” and the Children's Christmas Show starting to take shape. After some difficulties, I have volunteered to direct the Pantomime in February, see more info: later in this issue.

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer... assuming that it dries up at some point!


An Enemy Of The People

The auditions went extremely well. I was very pleased with the turn out and we had a great session.



Louis Stephen


Abigail Holmes

Petra Stockman

Megan Jane Tremethick


Kellan Frankland


Zoe Wilgar

Morten Kill

Colin Groom

Catherine Stockman

Miriam Loosemore

Dr Tom Stockman

Nick Vale

Peter Stockman

Chris Breach

Captain Horster

Mark Breach


Oriel Bennett

Randine Stockman’s maid

Megan McKenna


Alex Wood
David Ivall


I am waiting for confirmation from others but there are still places available for anyone who would like to be involved. 
Contact John Frankland for further information 07974 799774.


The Royal Shakespeare Company

At last we are able to give you the exciting news!!!!!!!!!!     My thanks to John Frankland for the following:-

It’s official! After months of having to grit our teeth and not publish any announcements we can officially proclaim that Carnon Drama Group is to perform the parts of the Mechanicals in the Royal Shakespeare Company touring production of Midsummer Night’s Dream when it arrives in Cornwall at the Hall for Cornwall Wed 4th May to 7th May 2016.

What is even more exciting that we are not only performing with the professional RSC Company at Truro but also at Stratford for three performances on Friday 8th July and Sat 9th 2016 (matinee and evening)

This is all part of a radical new adventure by the RSC to celebrate 400 years since Shakespeare’s death in 2016. They are touring a new production of Midsummer Night’s Dream as a Play for the Nation. They will tour to 12 different regional theatres representing all parts of the UK culminating in Belfast on Saturday 4th June. They will then take the production back to Stratford.

At each region that they are due to visit they have invited local amateur societies to audition to play the parts of the Mechanicals. Carnon Downs submitted an application under the direction of John Frankland for an ensemble group comprising Colin Groom, Esther O’Bearagh, Charlie Springthorpe-Warner, Miriam Loosemore, Nick Vale and Peter Collett. We went into rehearsals for all the sections of the play that related to the Mechanicals, incorporating (obviously pasties) but also commissioning a new Cornish Folk song “Keslowena” by Andrew Bate.

On the weekend of the 14th/15th February we took part in workshops and a formal audition alongside two other local societies who had also been selected to be at this stage. The following week we were told that we had been successful and would be the group chosen to represent the South -West.

As one of the earliest regions to be auditioned there was a lot development into how the process was going to work from the RSC team, headed by Erica Whyman who is the Deputy Artistic Director of the Company. These early deliberations resulted in the realisation that there was a need for an actor to play the part of a rehearsal Titania to support the character of Bottom in those scenes where she is enchanted with his appearance as an ass! Miriam Loosemore was asked to take on that important challenge which meant that we welcomed Dorothy Nelson from Troy Players to play the part of Peter Quince.

Full Cast List:


Peter Collett


Nick Vale


 Esther O’Breagh


Charlie Springthorpe-Warner


Colin Groom


Dorothy Nelson


Miriam Loosemore


The RSC launched the project nationwide on the 24th June. You may have seen Colin and Nick on Spotlight and heard me on Radio Cornwall.
The RSC press release says, “Carnon Downs Players are a very sharp company of theatre makers - we were properly impressed by the skill with which they responded to us in their audition. Peter Collett plays Bottom with an infectious ‘tigger-like’ quality. Their experienced director John Frankland has created a true ensemble with a strong flavour of Cornwall.” Erica Whyman Director Midsummer Night’s Dream.

RSc Auditions And now the excitement will continue to grow! We are looking forward to going back into rehearsals when we are set a series of three tasks which we have to complete and report back to the RSC through skype this autumn. Rehearsals proper will happen in Feb when again we will have some sessions where we are at the Hall for Cornwall but linked to the professional company in Stratford.

Then imagine the mixture of nerves, exhilaration and pride as we prepare to tech and dress for the performances in Truro and Stratford!
It really is a wonderful concept combining as it does a celebration of Shakespeare and Amateur Drama. The Mechanicals were the original 'am dram' group coming together to perform a play after work! Now here we are as a society one of only fourteen groups to uphold that tradition….it just doesn’t get any better than that!

I have also added the photo of all us who could make it to a photo shoot at HFC (every group had a photo taken on their home stage).


Karnon Kidz A Christmas Wizard of Oz

It’s been a busy month for KK as we held the workshop for our Christmas show on Sunday 28 June followed by the auditions a week later. A lot of fun was had at the workshop as a variety of Dorothys strutted their stuff whilst Totos barked and woofed their way around the hall. Megan led a half hour dancing session as our tourists made their way to the Emerald City and our multi coloured rainbows raised the roof with their house crashing sound effects. WoZ (as we are now affectionately calling it) promises to be a fabulous show. 

The auditions were a showcase of young talent and it was a very difficult decision to avoid casting everyone as everything and focus; it would have been very easy to have a multitude of Dorothys, witches, lions, snowmen, toy soldiers and Totos because everyone was so good but a decision was made and the cast list is published above in this newsletter.

It’s not too late to join in the fun. We are currently doubling up on several parts and there is always room for more “kidz” so if you fancy having a go then please do get in touch or come along to the rehearsals which start early in September.

Some details which might help you.


  • are Saturday 19 December 2pm & 7pm at Perranwell Village Memorial Hall (PVH)


  • Every Thursday 7.15pm – 9pm at St Day Methodist Church commencing 3rd September.
  • Every Sunday at PVH 4pm-6pm commencing 1st Novembe
  • (This avoids any clashes with CDDG panto rehearsals)


  • There is no production fee for WoZ but all cast MUST be a fully paid up member of Karnon Kidz /CDDG.
  • Junior membership is £15 each for the first child and £10 each for any additional children from the same family.
  • Membership year runs from May 2015 to April 2016 in line with our AGM.
  • Membership money will be collected at rehearsals.

Any questions then please contact Pam Furnish on or call 01209 820244

Panto 2016

“Little Boy Blue”

written by Paul Reakes and directed by our very own Esther O’Bearagh

Only the title of this pantomime, published in 2013, is reminiscent of the nursery rhyme, nothing else is remotely similar.
With zombies, demons, a yetti and squawker this pantomime is full of fun. Of course good will triumph in the end but before that can happen, poor Johnnie and Susie will both be turned blue (make-up nightmare looming) In a quest to overturn the spell and resume normal life ... (normal??? this is pantomime for goodness sake!) ... they set off to find the witch in a hot air balloon (how are you gonna do that one director?) with Bessie (Dame) in the basket and Wiggles piloting there can only be one outcome... “Lost in Space”? (couldn’t resist that) They are set upon by strange flying creatures and crash land in the mountains.


So are you following the story so far? ...
Find out what happens next by coming along to the Auditions Sunday 6 September 2-5pm at PVH.
A further bulletin and reminder will be issued nearer the date but put the 6th in your diary now.

That's it for now


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