What we do – Pantomimes

Do you love a bit of slapstick fun and games? Carnon Downs Drama Group like to indulge their inner child each year with our annual pantomime. In recent years we have put on productions of Robin Hood, Dracula Goes On Holiday and Little Boy Blue.

Robin Hood2018 saw the presentation of Robin Hood – The Panto, a thigh slapping adventure around Nottingham and Sherwood Forest as the Sheriff of Nottingham tries, and fails, to get his hands on Robin Hood.

While the Sheriff’s henchmen are chasing Robin around the forest, Maid Marion is trying to track down the love of her life.

Dracula Goes On Holiday
Dracula Goes On Holiday

In 2017 Carnon Downs Drama performed a pantomime written by our very own Joyce Bassett. In Dracula Goes On Holiday, Dracula lives in his castle on the outskirts of a Cornish village. He is a vampire but unlike other vampires you may have heard about, our Dracula is not a baddie.

He spends his days indoors dreaming of bathing in sunshine and other such niceties of life that “normal” people can have.

Jack, Dracula’s nephew is a regular visitor to the castle and on hearing that there is a cruise ship leaving the village harbour, decides that he and Dracula need to stow away on board and have a well-deserved holiday. Not all goes to plan. There is a baddie in the village, but who is it?